Misty shaffer lost weight

Official page of Misty Shaffer-The military wife who surprised her husband by. Message me for details if you are interested in finally losing weight, gaining . When her husban an Army specialist, was deployed to Afghanistan for a year in 201 Misty Shaffer decided she wanted to get in shape.

Misty Shaffer, military wife, surprises returning soldier husband from Afghanistan with remarkable 100-pound weight loss. I think that if anybody — man or woman — can lose weight in great amounts and keep it off it is worthy off sharing,” she said. Larry Shaffer returned home after a year long deployment.

Misty Shaffer had been heavy most of her life, until she lost 1pounds.

Sometimes she’d lose weight for a while, but inevitably it came back. For Misty Shaffer, the 1pound weight loss wasn’t the only surprise for her husband. The Army wife also fulfilled one of the family’s dreams by . Military wife Misty Shaffer lost 1pounds will her Army husband was. May 201 but Misty’s weight loss is back in the news again.

When Larry Shaffer left for Afghanistan, his high school sweetheart Misty. Misty Shaffer said that she decided to lose weight because she .