Andre weideman mermaid

Mermaids do not exist, and five other important things people shoul but do. It’s safe to assume that all the other supposed researchers and government officials on . Andre Weideman is an actor, known for Mermaids: The Body Found (2011), The Dinosaur Project (2012) and The Bone Snatcher (2003).

As the mermaid show unfolds on Animal planet, everything seems pretty. The actor’s name is actually Andre Weideman and he’s been in TV . Paul Robertson and the Mermaid Series on. Paul Robertson and the Mermaid Series on Animal.

The story of aquatic humanoids or “mermaids” have been told and depicted. Robertson, NOAA Scientist) is an actor named Andre Weideman. The man who did the interview and was in the “documentary” Mermaids: The Body Found was really an actor by the name of Andre Weideman.

A sequel broadcast called Mermaids: The New Evidence aired May 2 2013. Mermaids: The Body Foun its sequel Mermaids: The New Evidence and several . In the documentary style film, Mermaids: The Body Foun Dr. Paul Robertson played by Andre Weideman according to. I am NOT talking about Andre Weidman he played dr.

Paul Robertson in the reenactments I want to know who played him in the interviews.

A recent TV show, dressed up as a documentary, about mermaids caused quite a stir. The show claims to provide evidence of the existence of . When Animal Planted aired the special “Mermaids: The Body Found” last year there was a. Robertson is actually Andre Weidman, actor. Ever saw that mermaid documentary on Animal Planet or seen those. Paul Robertson” is an actor named Andre Weideman, and at no point does the program make any admission of . Entitled “Mermaids: The New Evidence,” it wasted a perfectly good 2. Paul Robertson” is an actor named Andre Weideman, and at no .